Anti-Bullying Alliance

This website offers a variety of advice pages for those being bullied, their parents, their teachers, etc.

BAART Programs

Offers a variety of resources and treatment options for those whom are suffering from an opioid addiction and need guidance through their recovery.

Bystander Revolution

Offers dozens of detailed solutions to bullying, as well as a multitude of specific hotlines and helplines for guidance.

Counter Extremism Project

CEP is a grantmaking resource that supports grassroots, community-led CVE/PVE programs.

Crisis Text Line

Provides a number that, when texted, will link an individual with a trained counselor that can talk you through a stressful situation.

EdVenture Partners

Educational services programming focused on bringing students together around cause-related messaging (anti-bullying, counter-hate speech, online radicalization, etc.)

Exit UK

This organization puts the individual in touch with a volunteer, many of which have been radicalized and have escaped the cycle, that they can message for help, advice, and guidance.

Free Radicals Project

They offer a variety of free disengagement services for radicalized individuals. Someone who needs help can do so with confidentiality and without judgment.

Ideas Beyond Borders

They feature a program called “Global Conversations” which is a facebook-based group-chat that promotes the exchange of opinions about empowering the vulnerable and preventing extremism. Members of this 330,000 person group chat are able to voice their ideas, opinions, and personal stories as well as ask questions.

It Gets Better Project

Their website features a tool that can match an individual with the type of help they need. It Gets Better has identified over 1100 organizations in 40 + countries that are filtered by location, type of help needed, etc. In addition, they have provided multiple hotlines for immediate assistance

LGBT Foundation

Offers range of support groups; face-to-face counselling; a helpline, email and pop-in service; a befriending scheme; a sexual health programme, a substance-misuse project; organisational training; a range of guides and resources; a national website; advice surgeries; LGBT infrastructure support

LBGT National Help Center

Has a wide range of hotlines and messaging systems for individuals of the LGBTQ community. This resource has all of the crisis hotlines organized on a single page to maximize accessibility to the user

Muslims for Progressive Values

Provides a variety of activities, meetings, and events (religious and otherwise) for Muslim individuals in a variety of different cities

The National Center for Victims of Crime

This organization has a number of resources available to assist victims of crime. Our National Help Line, VictimConnect, provides help for victims of any crime nationwide, and can be reached by phone at 1–855-4VICTIM (1-855-484-2846) or by online chat.

National Safe Place

Links a child with a “safe place” for immediate help; This safe place be a local library, social service center, business, fire station, etc. At these locations, youth can receive counseling and a multitude other resources.

Not In Our Town

They feature countless groups dedicated to stopping hate and bullying, as well as encouraging an inclusive community for all. Individuals can join a group in their community, or create a group from scratch to address a problem in the realm of those listed above.

The One by One Movement

Provides mentorship as a grassroots approach to CVE; They tackle issues such as anti-bullying, gang prevention, and exit strategies with at risk youth.

Online SOS

Provides tools and resources to help those suffering from online harassment in the form of advice.

Parallel Networks – Light Upon Light

Offers an array of information, referral services and intervention access by way of phone, e-mail, text, or an array of social media platforms.

RAINN: National Sexual Assault Hotline

Offers a hotline for sexual assault survivors over the phone and through a chat room. Also provides a variety of service provider links if you wish to get local help.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This organization is a national network of crisis centers that work to provide free, confidential help over phone or messaging.

The Bully Project

Offers tools and resources to students (victims, bystander, bully) and their parents about how to deal with these tough situations in school.

The Trevor Project

Offers a variety of resources where LGBTQ youth and their allies can find answers to frequently asked questions, and explore resources related to sexual orientation, and gender identity. In addition, an individual can be connected to a counselor by call or text.

Trans Lifeline

Provides a number specifically for transgender individuals in both the United States and Canada.