The circumstances of life are not always a choice. Sometimes it’s the place we are born, or the people who surround us, or the situations we have to react to that dictate so much of who we are and the paths that are presented to us. But these do not represent who we are. Each and every one of us has faced challenges in our lives. We’ve dealt with frustration, we’ve dealt with abandonment, with violence, confusion, and isolation. We have been in the deepest of pain and in the darkest of places. We have been vulnerable in so many ways. The stories we share with you here will bring these circumstances to life. But who we were in these moments is not what defines us. At least not anymore. At least not now.

NOW I AM is a safe online space that takes the anger, isolation and self-loathing that life circumstances can bring, and shows how those who have lived through similar experiences have channeled these feelings in a more positive, purposeful, and, ultimately, impactful way.

Each of these stories is meant to resonate for a variety of reasons, depending on your individual circumstances and challenges. Our hope is that you will find at least one that leaves you imagining an alternate path forward and at the same time, reminds you that you are not alone in the grievance and pain that you currently face. Perhaps, most importantly, we want to invite you to a community of people who have become the most purpose-filled version of ourselves. It is not who we always were, but it is who we can become.


All stories written and told in collaboration with The ‘MPOWER Project’s creative team.